Best flowers for mothers

Best flowers for mothers

Mother’s Day is one of the most lovable and unforgettable time for all who have the privilege to say the most loving name: Mother!

For all mothers this day means a world of joy and happiness. Millions of them quietly wait and hope to receive a fresh bouquet of flowers that day and perhaps a nice card written with love and care from the hand and heart of son or daughter. Of  course we want the best flowers for our mothers.

Why our mothers deserve the best

It has been almost eight months I haven’t seen my dear 81 years old mother. And that is because she is 6500 miles away, back home where she raised me. I saw her last summer and spend few days while vacationing in my homecountry with my family. It seems to me that everytime I held her small hands they took less space to fit in my big hands. Her hands had more wrinkles, you could see more veins and her skin was showing darker in the top parts of hands. Her hair was white and soft, her smile was kind and matched with her green eyes.

Ah mother, why the Lord allowed you to age? Why the Lord whitened your hair as snow? Why the Lord made your body smaller as days, weeks, months, years, decades  (oh how much I wish to say centuries but I can’t) go by? But I can’t ask the Lord why He made your unconditional love, your smile, your sacrifices greater than life? Forgive me Lord for asking the first questions,  I should know the answers but my heart aches at this moment. The only comfort the I have for my mother is that You are watching over her. Soon I will see her here at my american home at the beginning of April when she will cross the ocean to see me, her grandsons, and my lovely wife.

I will then fill my home with flowers for my mother, I will then fill her room with the aroma of roses, I will then speak to her only kind words, I will then hold her tight in my arms, I will then love her more.

I will have best flowers for my mother!

What do my fellow friends think and will do for their mothers? A comment of simple words will mean more to our mothers than to me.

With love,



6 thoughts on “Best flowers for mothers

  1. Nate

    First off massive thanks for this post, it has reminded me I need to get in gear to arrange something for mothers day!

    I’m one of four so my mother tends to get quite “spoilt” on Mothers day, I must admit I usually leave flowers to one of my siblings as I will organise a meal out or some kind of activity.

    Beautiful poem by the way, I my actually change things up this year (I’m the eldest so I have that privilege) and get flowers and allow someone else to organise meal etc.

    I’d imagine your more practised at this than I am, what type of flowers do you usually go for as I would want to get something slightly different to what my sibling gets (lilies)

    1. admin

      Nate, thank you very much for your time. I am glad to read what you and your siblings do for your mother. That is very noble thing. I typically like to buy to my mother roses and carnations when she is here in US but love mimosa the most when she is back home in Albania. Take care my friend. Tim

  2. Kit

    Yes! I agree, our mothers deserve to get more attention. I’m glad you write about that topic. I will follow your posts, very good idea of you to put attention to this.
    Best regards,

  3. Dinh

    Mothers are special and it’s important to appreciate them on Mother’s Day.
    My mother has long passed and every day I still think of her.
    My mother in law is like a mother to me and on Mother’s day I usually get a card and some flowers for her, and perhaps a nice gift to show how much she means to me. Life is short and precious and we should take the opportunity to show and share our love each day. A token gift of flowers is a great way to do this. It does not have to be expensive, it’s the thought that counts.

    1. admin

      Hello Dinh,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I truly appreciate it. Yes, it is nice to have your mother-in-law and treat her as your own loving mother. Mother’s Day will be soon a around the corner and a bouquet of fresh colorful roses will.make her day. Have a blessed day. Tim


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