How The Hands of a Mother Cure All Ills

Hands of a Mother

A lot is written, painted, draw, sculpt about hands. If you will simply look only the hands of a person and nothing else you can almost know something about that individual. A great Austrian novelist named Stephan Zweig wrote a story about hands of a poker player. The description was fantastic. Just by reading about the movement of his hands I was able to understand what kind of a person he was. TheWrinkled handsre was no description of his face, no description of his character, no description of his personality. Nothing else but only his hands.

Perhaps you are wondering why in the world I am writing about hands of a poker player? Well my friend I would like to make a simple point, this time about our mothers. If you have not seen or heard from your mother lately than memorize her beautiful hands in your mind, visualize her wrinkled hands praying for you, visualize her hugging and holding you with her lovely hands. Visualize her holding a post card, a rose and a kiss sentOld Hands from you.

Those hands have everything but voice to speak. Treat mother today with a simple gift.

Until next time be well and do good work.


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